our corporate strategy



our corporate strategy consists of 4 components:


1. quality above all else

Our houses are characterized by the perfect combinations of:

  • top quality raw materials,
  • well-sourced, top-notch finishing products,
  • experienced and well-trained technicians.

All of whom are put through our finely tuned production process to produce top quality houses that can stand the test of time.

2. affordable products

We keep our houses affordable because we keep our costs low. This is achieved through a number of initiatives:

  • Direct sourcing of raw materials. We obtain our wood directly from the forest; no middlemen;
  • Bulk purchasing of local products which guarantees us the best rates;
  • Importation of other non-locally manufactured products directly from the manufacturers.

These cost savings are, in turn, passed on to our clients in the form of low-cost, affordable houses.

3. customer satisfaction and retention

We aim to keep our clients satisfied and excited about the quality of the house they obtain at our enticing price points. Our happy clients purchase other accessory products and, ultimately, refer us more clients.

4. regional expansion

We aim to successfully replicate this strategy by expanding to other countries in the Central African sub-region and beyond.