1. Reserve your house today to lock in today’s prices, even if you finish paying for it later. Prices can change without notice.
  2. Construction takes place on a first-come-first-served basis; the sooner you complete paying for the house, or the sooner you agree with a payment arrangement with us, the sooner construction will start.
  3. Upon receipt of your reservation, Customer Service will send you an acknowledgement of receipt, together with your order number and an explanation of the steps that will follow until your house is completed.
  4. The 6-month duration to complete your home applies to bungalows only; for story buildings, the duration will be negotiated.
  5. A construction agreement will be signed between you and Eco Construction before construction begins.

Have the following ready before you proceed to reserve your house:

  • If you intend to have your house constructed using one of our plans, please mark down the plan code and the finishing option (standard, upscale or luxury) you prefer.
  • If you would like your house to be built using your own plan, please mark down the finishing option (standard, upscale or luxury) you prefer before proceeding. We will contact you later to indicate how to send us your plan or how we can help you design a plan if you don’t have one.
  • You will need the telephone numbers and email addresses (if any) of two persons in Cameroon who can act on your behalf if you are not available.


Please click the appropriate button below to be directed to the correct reservation form:

          I will use one of the plans on this site

          I will use my own plan